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"For the service of man." (Ps 104:14)

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A Network for Christian Herbalists

The Christian Natural Health Network (Cnhnet) is an online ministry of evidence based herbal medicine and natural health care education from a Biblical and Christ-centered perspective.

The goal of the Christian Natural Health Network is to educate and encourage Christians interested in the application and practice of Christian herbal medicine. The Christian Natural Health Network is simply the best online resource of Christian natural health care education for beginning, intermediate, and professional Christian herbalists and prospective students.

Certification and Continuing Education

The Christian Natural Health Network offers you two exciting opportunities to explore, learn, and practice the art and science of Christian herbal medicine:

1) Christian Herbalist Certification: We offer you the opportunity to earn your certification as a Certified Christian Herbalist (CCH) through our online Christian Academy of Natural Health ("the Academy") training program. To gain access to the tuition based certification program, you must first register with the Academy. Academy registration is free and open to all Christians interested in Christian herbal medicine. For more information about the Academy and Christian Herbalist certification, click here.

2) Continuing Education (CE): In addition to the Academy certification program, we also offer online continuing education study sessions to students and anyone else interested in Christian herbal medicine. Our continuing education program includes herbal medicine and natural health care study sessions and quizzes that will equip you to grow as a student or as a practicing Christian herbalist. For more information about our continuing education program and to see some study session samples, click here.

The Lord Heals!

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"I have started the course ... and am loving it." - J. Pierce

"I was blown away when I found your site." - Pastor D. Abaldo

"Before I started your course I was enrolled in another course (supposedly Christian). I am finishing up chapter three and all I can do is weep and rejoice! Even though I almost skipped this course because PayPal was the only payment method I see now why God allowed me to have a peace about it! This is amazing and God is working in me! Thank you thank you thank you! I can not wait to progress through the whole course!" - R. Tyndall

"Love the website ... excited to read information from a Christian worldview!" - C. Ness

"Really enjoying the course, blessings." - J. Young

"I have been looking for a while now at completing a Herbalist certification program, much to my delight I stumbled upon your website and your Christian certification." - C. Powers

"This is a wonderful site. It is so nice to see herbal lessons from a Christian perspective. Thank you for this ministry." - B. Adams

"Stumbled across your site and comforted to discover that christian herbalsit exist. I'm just discovering this wonderful gift and would like to learn more safely." - O. Maurer

"If I may say, I am very impressed by the vision statement, integrity, and commitment to serving Christ through complementary medicine. I find it very encouraging." - J. Cotter